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Case Management

The goal of the Enhanced Care Management (ECM) benefit is to provide comprehensive care and achieve better health outcomes for the highest need beneficiaries in Medi-Cal. 

Enhanced Care Management Employee working on a case


  •  Hospital high utilizers, high utilizers of specialist referrals

  • Serious mental illnesses

  • Homeless or risk of homelessness

Here's what our patients have to say:

Chinatown Service Center has been an invaluable resource for me and my wife. The medical care has been first rate, and we have deeply appreciated the personal attention and quick response to questions, appointments and requests for referrals. In particular, we would like to thank Jack Cheng who during the middle of the pandemic came to our home with a nurse to draw blood for a test, and also special thanks to our Case Manager William Tsui who has been incredibly helpful, patient and kind to help us get everything done. Our doctor, John Wang, M.D., has been absolutely wonderful. We are grateful for everything the friendly staff at Chinatown Service Center has done for us.

- Lianzeng Dong & Xiuyi Yao

Left: Yao, Xiu Yi. Right: Dong, Lian Zeng
Letter from Lianzeng Dong & Xiuyi Yao to our Case Manager William Tsui

Left: Yao, Xiu Yi. Right: Dong, Lian Zeng

Ready to schedule an appointment with us for ECM services? Here are ways you can contact us:

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