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CSC Health Center
and PACE Center
Opening Soon!

Our mission is to provide outstanding services and advocacy that promote better quality of life and equal opportunity to immigrants and for other communities

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Expanding Our Impact

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To relieve the ever-growing medical needs, we are developing a brand new CSC Health Center in Alhambra. This 40,000 square feet, state-of-the-art, two-story facility consists of two major sections. One section houses the clinics of medical, dental, pediatric, optometry, behavioral health, pharmacy, social services, and a café. The other section is CSC PACE Center . It will serve more than 300 elderly or individuals with significant health care needs.

Consider maximizing your impact by sending a check, allowing us to use 100% of your generous donation towards our cause.
Attn: Capital Campaign Committee
711 W. College St, Suite 388
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Community Response

"Glad to have this program"
- Helen (Local Resident)

"Great to have social services in this city"
- Bertha (Local Resident)

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CSC Health Center & PACE Center
Ground Floor
Website_2F_CSC Health donation color code_02-07-2024-5.png
CSC Health Center & PACE Center
Second Floor

Construction Images

Our Fundraising Team

Henry Kwong
Campaign Co- Chair
 Consultant, Universal Chung Wah

Peter Ng
CEO, Chinatown Service Center

Jack Cheng
COO, Chinatown Service Center

C Joseph Chang
Campaign Co- Chair
Retired Hospital CEO

Daisy Ma
Chief Government and
Community Relations Officer

Yerca Ramos
CFO, Chinatown Service Center

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