fundraising Goal: $12,000

you can make a difference for csc youth today!

The CSC Youth Center is currently preparing for the Summer Program - aim to provide Academic head start and tutorial lesson.

We are seeking for $12,000 to serve 50 students from Mondays to Fridays for a total of 8 weeks to assist youths in English, Math and Science.

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Congrats, Luyuan!

story telling by csc staffs.....

On September of 2016, sixth grader Luyuan made an appearance in the Youth Center seeking for assistance and tutoring for her academics. During her first months with the Youth Center, she displayed an introvert personality as she sat alone quietly without interacting with other peers. Being a student from a foreign country, it has been difficult for her to communicate with her teachers. She lacked confidence and had low self- esteem. As a result, she faced many struggles in her classes. Her academic grades were below average, and she was placed in ELD (English Language Development) classes due to non-proficiency in the English language.

During Luyuan’s tutoring sessions, the Youth Center focused on homework assistance, with a focus on specific academic subjects including English and Math. Aside from the homework assistance, a sufficient amount of time was also spent to improve her skills in reading comprehension and math. Throughout the semester, Luyuan not only displayed tremendous improvements in her academic grades, but also with her communicative and interactive skills. Her academic grades improved up to two letter-grades per subject. She also tested out of ELD and will be placed in regular English classes in the upcoming school year. With these academic improvements, Luyuan has improved in her self-esteem and gained self-confidence, making her an overall happier individual. She opens up more to her peers, and tutors around her. We are extremely proud of her meritorious achievements and will continue to support her as she thrives academically and socially.


Many thanks to bank of america

for helping young students achieve their fullest potential!

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Bank of America for the $15,000 economic mobility grant which enables us to continue offering our Work Readiness Program. This program provides work readiness opportunities, informative workshops and internships to disadvantaged youth in our community to ensure they have the necessary skills to create a financially stable future for themselves.

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CSC has come a long way in providing the growing population of Chinatown Youths with programs that guide them towards positive endeavors and further them in their development as confident and contributing adults. In August of 2001, CSC formally opened a Youth Center facility across the street from our main offices, in order to give youth a place of their own. This comprehensive Youth Center is a place where youth can come to develop leadership skills, enrich themselves educationally, and empower themselves economically and politically in order to improve their own community. The Youth Center also provides a much-needed space in Chinatown for youth to hold weekly social events, as there was no such venue in Chinatown for youth to gather at prior to this.

The CSC Youth Center provides an array of workshops and activities. They center mainly on preparing our community’s youth both for higher education, for entering the workforce and for community involvement. Current CSC Youth Center programs include:

  • Academic Mentoring – Youths get assistance on schoolwork and have computer access to research for their paper, to assist them to be successful in school and prevent them falling behind and end up dropping out of school. 

  • Volunteer Opportunities – Youths participate in different local community events, such as sorting food at a regional food bank, cleaning the beach, to assist them to gain service learning experience.

  • Pre-employment Workshops – Youths learn required skills necessary in obtaining and keeping a job including resume writing, interviewing skills, career planning, and working with employer expectations.

  • College Preparation – Provide workshops to help youths write personal statements for college, understands the recruitment process, prepare their applications and receive assistance with financial aid.

  • Leadership Development @ Los Angeles Chinatown Youth Council (LACYC) – Youths take an active role in determining the guidelines for the Youth Center, and in planning and hosting social and recreational events; planning education and pre-employment workshops.

  • Projects such as:

  • (1). Bridging the Gap which enables local youth to learn about and appreciate the major Chinese and Latino cultures in the area. The goal is to have our youth to reach out to Latino youth and promote working together.

  • (2). Student producers of and with the KCET Departures: Chinatown interactive documentary series, learning how to use multimedia tools for self exploration.

Volunteer Services


Golden Dragon Parade 2017






























2016 Rose Parade Float Decoration


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Thank you so much for Dwight Stuart Youth Fund’s contribution to Chinatown Service Center Youth Center. The funds will give opportunities for youths in the Chinatown and its neighboring community to prepare them for the workforce. The youth center will be able to provide work- readiness workshops and internships for youths in the program and aspire youths for higher standard living and education. Through the program, youths will have a healthy outlook in life and succeed academically and professionally through our mentorship.


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We would like to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Bank of America for the $15,000 economic mobility grant which enables us to continue offering our Work Readiness Program. This program provides work readiness opportunities, informative workshops and internships to disadvantaged youth in our community to ensure they have the necessary skills to create a financially stable future for themselves.

Thank you, Bank of America, for helping young students achieve their fullest potential. 

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Congratulations to Winners of FENB's Scholarship 2016

Mr. Norman Cerswell (First Vice President & CRA Officer of Far East National Bank, photo on left) presents the 2016 FENB's Scholarships for CSC youths (Tiffany Yu, Sandy Situ and Janny Huang, from left 2 to middle) college education, Ms. Vicky Wong (Youth Center's Program Director) and Mr. Peter Ng (CSC's CEO) photo on right)

The Blue Car Project is a 5 days workshops sponsored by the Southern California Chinese Lawyers Association for High School Students. Youth learned the basics of trial advocacy while developing their public speaking skills. The topics include: Opening Statements, Direct and Cross Examinations, and Closing Statements with a mock trial on the last day involved all the Youth.

Special thanks to Diana Kwok Kruckmeyer, the planner and organizer for the project. Also thank you to the following lawyers participating in the project: Chris Leong, Kenneth Fong, Kenneth Chiu, Melissa Lyons, Jason Liang, John Ly, Eric D. Chan, Wendy T. Wu, Felix Woo, Jane Yang and Albert Alikin.


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We are thankful for First Republic Bank generous donation support of $5,000. This fund will help to provide tutoring and mentoring to youth that are under performing in school. The goal is to help youth to eliminate and avoid F's and U's and maintain and even improve grade point average, work habits and behaviors.



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Thank you to Wells Fargo Bank and Southern California Edison International continue funding CSC Youth Center’s Academic Mentoring Program within this fiscal year. The funds allowed us to help students take a step closer to building a firm foundation of success in school. Our participants were able to improve their grades by more than one letter grade in at least two of their subjects. Their classroom behavior improved significantly as well; cooperation and work habits increased from “unsatisfactory” to “satisfactory” or “excellent.

Youth Center @ Summer 2016


February to april 2017
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success story


Yanqing immigrated to LA in 2013 and she is a sophomore in Downtown Magnet High School.

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CSC youth won 3rd place in the competition. The emphasis for the event is to bring youth groups together to have a fun day without drugs & violence & promote peaceful & friendly competition!

Fundraiser @ Blaze Pizza

          The Blaze Pizza fundraiser on March 18, 2017 was held by five Cal State LA students who took a college course with focusing on helping out organizations that serve Asian Americans around the community. With this assignment, they have decided to set up a fundraiser to help out the Chinatown Service Center’s Youth Center. We gave them a goal to set up a fundraiser and recruiting at least 25 customers. 

          As a result, they recruited 33 customers to attend the fundraiser, while raising awareness about the CSC Youth Center. These proceeds will help fund for the snacks for our students at the CSC Youth Center.

Thank you for supporting Youth Center!





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