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PACE 長者照護計劃及醫療中心, Alhambra


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Expanding Our Impact

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To relieve the ever-growing medical needs, we are developing a brand new CSC Health Center in Alhambra. This 40,000 square feet, state-of-the-art, two-story facility consists of two major sections. One section houses the clinics of medical, dental, pediatric, optometry, behavioral health, pharmacy, social services, and a café. The other section is CSC PACE Center . It will serve more than 300 elderly or individuals with significant health care needs.

Consider maximizing your impact by sending a check, allowing us to use 100% of your generous donation towards our cause.
Attn: Capital Campaign Committee
711 W. College St, Suite 388
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Community Response

"Glad to have this program"
- Helen (Local Resident)

"Great to have social services in this city"
- Bertha (Local Resident)

Website_1F_CSC Health donation color code_02-07-2024-4.png
CSC Health Center & PACE Center
Ground Floor
Website_2F_CSC Health donation color code_02-07-2024-5.png
CSC Health Center & PACE Center
Second Floor

Construction Images

Our Fundraising Team

Henry Kwong
Campaign Co- Chair
 Consultant, Universal Chung Wah

Peter Ng
CEO, Chinatown Service Center

Jack Cheng
COO, Chinatown Service Center

C Joseph Chang
Campaign Co- Chair
Retired Hospital CEO

Daisy Ma
Chief Government and
Community Relations Officer

Yerca Ramos
CFO, Chinatown Service Center

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