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The Chinese Methodist Church hired a bilingual worker who worked at a small office in the church and counseled many newly arrived Chinese.


CSC began occupying part of the first floor of the newly built, low income senior housing building called Cathay Manor.


CSC opened a small part time office in Monterey Park, located on Atlantic Blvd. After three years at that location, CSC’s Monterey Park Office moved to a more accessible site at Chandler and Garvey.


CSC opened a Youth Center to expand its services to youth.


CSC’s clinic was designated a Federally Qualified Health Clinic (FQHC) and changed its name to CSC Community Health Center (CSC CHC) and began the transition to upgrading its records system to state-of-the-art electronic medical records shortly after that.


CSC Community Health Center opened a third Dental Clinic and a second Behavioral Health Division in the City of Alhambra at 320 South Garfield Avenue Suite 126 and Suite 202 to expand one stop Community Health Clinic services in San Gabriel Valley district.


We opened an Optometry Department at our main clinic site on Hill Street.


CSC was awarded a grant and the US HHS designation of "Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic" (CCBHC), We added Suite #206 at the Alhambra BH Clinic to facilitate the need. CSC expanded the Alhambra Medical Clinic in adding the adjacent suite #106, and also acquired two new mobile units to outreach to hard-to-reach communities, providing mobile services, vaccine administration, testing and treatment for COVID-19.


CSC moved from its Church affiliation and was incorporated as a non-profit organization dedicated to community service. We were awarded our first government grant from the City of Los Angeles to establish an employment training program.


Board of Directors took the bold step of purchasing 8,000 sq. ft. of space located on the fourth floor of Alpine Towers


CSC’s “branch office” moved to Alpine Towers consolidating all of CSC’s services under one roof.


CSC remodeled its clinic space to provide dental services.


CSC Community Health Center opened a second Dental Clinic in the City of Monterey Park at 850 South Atlantic Blvd., Suite 303.


CSC Community Health Center another new Medical and Dental clinic service expanded to City of San Gabriel at 555-559 W. Las Tunas Drive, San Gabriel, 91776.


CSC added specialties services, Chiropractic, G.I. and Podiatry.


CSC opened up a new Community Health Clinic located in Monterey Park, providing medical, dental, and behavioral health services.


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