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Don't forget to bring the following:

Accounting Documents
  • If filing status is “Married filing jointly”, both are required to attend.

  • Federal or Government-issued Photo ID (Driver’s License/State ID/Passport) for taxpayer and spouse (if applicable)

  • ORIGINAL (NOT photocopied or written down number) Social Security Card or ITIN letter for anyone listed on tax return, including dependents

    • Only exception if taxpayer is a previous client and brings in a paper copy of tax return showing we did their return previously

  • If you've been a victim of identity theft, IRS will issue an Identity Protection Pin (IP PIN)​.  We cannot process your tax return without this PIN.

  • Any tax documents received in the mail, including but not limited to: 

  • W-2 (Salary / Wages) 

  • 1099-SSA (Social Security Retirement) 

  • 1099-G (Unemployment Insurance) 

  • 1099-G (State Refund)

  • 1099-INT (Interest Income) 

  • 1099-DIV (Dividends) 

  • 1099-B (Stock Investments)

  • 1098-T (Tuition & Scholarships) 

  • 1098-E (School expenses) 

  • 1095-A / CA 3895 [Covered California]  

  • 1095-B [MediCal / MediCare] 

  • 1095-C [Employer Insurance] 

  • Bank Routing and Account numbers if direct deposit is wanted 

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