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We offer FREE personal tax preparation for low-income, English-limited individuals and families. Here's how you know if you qualify:

The Following Clients Qualify for Free Tax Preparation Services:

  • Income limit is under $63,500

  • US Citizens, Resident Alien or Employment Authorization Card Holder 

  •  Simple tax returns include income sources such as: 

    • Wages 

    • Interest income and Investment Gain not over $11,000

    • Retirement (1099 - R) (SSA) (SSI)

    • Unemployment 

    • Gambling Winnings/ Losses with W2-G

    • Cash Income (With Proof) 

    • Out of California state returns (Except New York state) 

    • Itemized Deductions 

      • Property Tax Expenses​

      • Mortgage Interest Expenses

      • Charity Donation- Cash Only

If you are a...

  • Military personnel and veteran - Thank you for your service! Please refer to your respective station for VITA service 

  • International Student - Welcome! Please refer to your college 

Sometimes In Scope:

  • Business Taxes (sole proprietorship)

The Following Clients DO NOT Qualify for Free Tax Preparation Services:

  • Total income greater than $63,500

  • Non-Simple income sources:

    •  Investment/Stock losses (Net losses greater than $3,000 ($1,500 if MFS) will carry forward to future tax years)

    • Rental income 

    • Tips / Cash Income (Without proof) 

  • New York State returns​

  • Business Taxes (LLC, CO, Inc.)

  • Married Filing Separately

  • Schedule K-1 income

  • Complicated 1099-MISC or 1099- NEC

  • Royalty income

  • Any Foreign income

Additional Out of Scope Returns:

  • Taxpayers who cannot substantiate their identity

  • Individuals income Adjusted Gross Income (or AGI) is $63,500 or more

  • Business Taxes (LLC, CO, Inc.)

  • Married Filing Separately 

  • Rental Income 

  • Active & Veterans* 

  • International Students* 

  • Schedule K-1 Income 

  • Complicated 1099-MISC & 1099-NEC Income 

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