Asset Building & Financial Management Program, ABFMP


To empower individuals with knowledge and skills in personal finance, and to help them successfully create pathways to financial well-being.


Established in 2013, the Chinatown Service Center Asset Building and Financial Management Program (Program) aims to provide financial management classes and individualized case management services to low-to-moderate income individuals and families living in the greater Los Angeles area. Our primary focus is to offer practical advice in financial management and planning. Clients will better understand their financial situations, apply gained knowledge to resolve financial issues, and build financial capacity.


Free financial management classes

Engage participants in learning and discussion on various financial topics on how to make sound financial decisions. A series of workshops are regularly conducted at the Parent Centers in targeted schools to help families develop their knowledge around budgeting, saving, credit and debt management, college financial aid, and more.

Free financial coaching and case management

Case Managers work one-on-one with clients to set objectives and goals for their specific needs, and to develop action plans to help them change behavior and resolve financial issues.

The Program has grown rapidly since it established, and has successfully partnered with public and private organizations to provide asset building and financial management service to the community. With continued support from various agencies, we contribute to the works of helping low-income individuals and families to start a path to upward mobility.



The Asset Building and Financial Management Program at Chinatown Service Center host a series of workshops in Chinatown and neighboring communities. The series of workshops focus on interactive activities to enhance the learning of parents and help create better financial decisions. Parents learned about budgeting, savings, credit, debt, banking, and their rights as consumers. In March 2019, we concluded three series of workshops with Griffith Avenue Elementary, Farmdale Elementary, and El Sereno Middle School. These series of financial workshops have increased the confidence in community members to make better financial decisions.



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