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VITA Program 2019


Beginning February 1 to April 15, 2019, Chinatown Service Center will be providing assistance to low income families and individuals to file their income tax returns and claim Earned Income Tax Credit. Call (213) 808-1795 to make an appointment now. No walk-ins or same day appointment. First come first served.

華埠服務中心(CSC) 提供專業及優秀的報稅服務,並且不收分毫!本中心再次成為國稅局(IRS)認可的「免費報稅服務中心」,於2019年2月1 日至4月15日期間投入服務。除了聯邦及州政府的退稅,合資格者更有機會獲得「低收入工薪退稅 (Earned Income Tax Credit) 」。現在就立即致電 (213) 808-1795 預約時間。只接受預約服務。額滿即止。  

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Success story

by mr. zhuo jun li

My wife has been diagnosed with brain cancer a year ago. At that moment, we were helpless and we didn’t have medical insurance. The staff in Chinatown Service Center had provided to us with professional social services. They sent social worker to my home and assist with English documents. They helped us to apply for Medi-Cal to pay for medical treatment, in-home supportive services, and medication. The in-home provider helped me and my wife with home chore, such as cleaning and cooking, to reduce my heavy burdens. Although my wife had passed away, but the social worker still continue to help me to rebuild my new life. Because of them, our family was able to receive the help from government assistance.

There are many people come to Chinatown Service Center with different needs. For example, apply for government benefits, letter translation, making phone calls, apply for medical insurance and senior housing. The staff are always nice and professional. I would thank everyone for supporting CSC. We’re very grateful of their services. 

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