Daytime Party

51st Anniversary

November 5, 2022 marks our 51st Anniversary Celebration Gala! At this gala, we invite our sponsors and thank them for their contributions to CSC and the community. We also host an annual raffle to earn funds used to continue creating free services and programs for LMI communities. Talk to any staff at Chinatown Service Center to learn more about the raffle, and purchase your raffle tickets for a chance to win amazing prizes! See below to view a few of our prizes. Winners do not need to be present at the gala to win.

apple macbook air.png
gift card.png
apple watch series 7.png
money stack.png

**Disclaimer: These images were not created by, and do not belong to CSC. They are used solely for the purpose of showcasing a few of our raffle prizes.**

Raffle Ticket Prices:
$5 each, $20 for 5 tickets

Go to your nearest Chinatown Service Center location to purchase your raffle tickets!

Thank you for supporting Chinatown Service Center.