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Mandarin Business Startup Camp

國語創業教室 (連續 3 個週六)

Topic: Interest to startup a business, to be your own BOSS? Mandarin Business Startup Camp is a practical overview of the fundamentals required to start a small business! 想創業? 想做老闆? 千萬不要錯過報名參加華埠連續三個星期六的國語創業教室 - 展開你的企業之旅!

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Given the high degree of linguistic isolation among new and recent immigrants, especially when employment opportunities become challenging, individuals often look to starting a business for self-sufficiency. The CSC Small Business Assistance Program (Program) was established in 1999 as one of the collaborative partners of the Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program (API SBP), which is an SBA Women's Business Center, a federally funded agency. Other API SBP partners include: Korean Youth and Community Center, Little Tokyo Service Center, Search to Involve Pilipino Americans, and Thai Community Development Center. Originally, the Program had a primary focus in mom-and-pop businesses in the Chinatown vicinity. By 2002, our client base greatly expanded into the San Gabriel Valley in which the majority of the Chinese-American population resides.

Mandarin Business Startup Camp 2017

We all work very hard and the result is another round of successful business training series - Business Startup Camp in June! We're very thankful for all the volunteer speakers - Antony Sykes (IRS), Chen Yao (US Bank), Daven Tan (Sentry Tires), Di Li (The Law Office of Di Li), Ethan Tse (Ethan TSE CPA), Sunday Xu (Luggage USA). Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!    

Start Your Own Small Business Workshop

Small Business Program hosted its first event titled “Start Your Own Small Business” at the LAUSD's Parent, Community and Student Services Center. This workshop provided information on the benefits of starting the business. It reviewed the process of starting a business, including government regulations, permits and licenses and other business legal issues. Effective marketing strategies to promote goods/services and increase sales techniques are also taught.

The week of February 27th through March 4th is the Los Angeles America Saves Week. For the purpose of promoting saving strategies on paying off high-interest debt and saving for emergencies. Ms. Gloria Tang, Treasurer of CSC’s Board of Directors, and Vice President, Deposits Management of First “Republic Bank, brought her team to present the importance and tips of savings to the audiences.

The event was very well received. “Thank you so much for such wonderful presentations. The information that was provided to our parents was very valuable and based on the evaluations we know they truly appreciated the knowledge they gained,” Lorena Franco, Specialist of the Instruction Division from LAUSD commented.

In October & November, Small Business Program hosted a training series titled Entrepreneurial Training Camp.

Throughout the 4 days, a trove information were presented to our students. Guest speakers from Cathay Bank, US Bank, 7-Eleven, a few other prominent attorneys and CPA’s volunteered their time to come share useful knowledge to our students. CSCSBP also partnered up with EDD & USCIS to provide insight on vital updates in the upcoming year.

We wanted to give a special shout out to all of our wonderful speakers! Thank you all for providing us with such insight and knowledge to better prepare our businesses.

Benny Wong – Cathay Bank, VP SBA Loan Officer
Jean Ezaki – Cathay Bank, VP SBA Loan Officer
Angeline Wong – Cathay Bank, Retail Loan Administration
Silver Houang – 7-Eleven, Franchise Sales Representative
James Wu – 7-Eleven Owner, Multiple Locations
Ann Liu – US Bank, VP Regional Sales Manager
Elizabeth Yang, Esq. – Law & Mediation Offices of Elizabeth Yang
Judy Yu – EDD,
Yu-Ting Chiu – USCIS
Paul P. Cheng, Esq. – Law Offices of Paul P Cheng & Associates
Wade Cai, CPA – Exact Tax
Larry Yu – Feather Insurance and Financial Services Inc., President
Max Wang – Splash Party, CEO, Entrepreneur
Peter Kwong Jr. – Owner of Best Western Dragon Gate Inn, Board of Directors, Best Western

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