CSC’s Social and Community Services programs were the first services established by CSC. Social Services provides in-depth, integrated, holistic, multi-sectoral case management assistance. Social Service staffs are cross-trained on all agency programs and services, community resources, and government benefits, in order to better address gaps in the County level provision of case management services. Social Services also provides many vital services to the community.

• Outstation Services - To ensure better access to government information and application processing, the Social Services Department regularly serves as an outstation to the Social Security Administration and the Department of Public Social Services.

• Consumer Services

Social Service Department is participating in TEAM

(Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple-languages) 

CSC is part of the TEAM (Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple-languages) Collaborative, which is a program that is funded by California Public Utilities Commission. This program provides:

  1. Telecommunication educations
  2. Assistance with disputes to consumers.

Our Staff from Social Services Department provide education to consumers on:

  1. How to read their telephone bills 
  2. How to avoid late payment fees and disconnection
  3. Give out tips for buying cell phone service
  4. Instruct consumers where to file a complaint with their telephone company.

We also educate consumers how to enroll in the low income discount program called California LifeLine. There are 2-ways to qualify for this program. You may qualify either by Program-based or Income based.

  1. Program-based means you or another person in your household is enrolled in public assistance programs such as Med-Cal, LIHEAP, Supplemental Security Income, Cal-fresh and others. 
  2. Income-based, you may qualify the program if your annual total household gross income is at or less than these limits (effective : 6/1/2015 – 5/31/2016):
  • $25,700 for 1-2 members 
  • $29,900 for 3 members
  • $36,200 for 4 members and for each addition member, add $6,300

Our Staff from Social Services Department will assist consumer to communicate with the telephone company!

If you feel that you may have problems with your bill or you may need help explaining your bill, please call Social Service Department and schedule an appointment at (213) 808-1700.