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The Chinatown Service Center (CSC) is a private, non-profit organization, incorporated under the Internal Revenue Code, section 501(c)(3), for the purpose of serving immigrants, refugees, and others in need of assistance in their adjustment to American life. The growth of staff and services at CSC since its modest beginnings in 1971 reflects an expansion of the Center’s goals and the needs of the community. Furthermore, CSC promotes greater community collaboration and partnerships to assist underserved populations in achieving their American dream.

Established in 1971, the Chinatown Service Center is the largest community-based Chinese American health and human services organization in Southern California.

With the mission to provide outstanding services and advocacy that promote better quality of life and equal opportunity for immigrants and other communities so we can fulfill our vision of thriving lives in empowered communities, the Chinatown Service Center has been offering many services in assisting immigrants adjust to American life.

The Chinatown Service Center (CSC) provides services in English and a variety of Chinese dialects: Cantonese, Mandarin, Toisan, Chiu Chow and other languages including Vietnamese, Spanish, and Khmer (Cambodian).

Every year, about 15,000 unduplicated individuals with more than 75,000 annual assistance and encounters, over 96% in the low-to-moderate income range, were assisted through the Chinatown Service Center’s three major program areas:

1) Community Economic Development Department, including a Full Service WorkSource Center providing job readiness, on-the-job training and job referral and placement for a multilingual and multicultural clientele of adults (age 18 and over); and a Small Business Program offering in-language technical assistance, counseling and training to small businesses;

2) a Federally Qualified Community Health Center, with primary Medical, Dental, and Behavioral Health services;

3) Family and Community Department, providing Social Services, a Child Development Center, a Youth Center, Senior Services and Affordable Housing Services.

CSC has an annual operating budget of over $6 million, with diverse sources of funding from the federal government, State of California, the County and City of Los Angeles, United Way, Asian Pacific Community Fund, corporate and private foundations, and private donations. Your donation will help us continue to meet the many needs in our community, as well as develop new and innovative projects and that will increase self-sufficiency of low income community members. Click HERE to make a donation to the Chinatown Service Center now.

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CSC will be helping Families to enroll for Medi-Cal for Kids (SB75) ~ Undocumented children now have access to Medi-Cal ~



keep in touch / Email: info@cscla.org

Social Services, Youth Center, Small Business Chinatown Main Office

767 N. Hill Street,

Suite 400,

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone. 213-808-1700

Fax. 213-680-0787

Email. info@cscla.org

Social Services Monterey Park Office

112 N. Chandler Avenue,

Suite 105,

Monterey Park, CA 91754

Phone. 626-293-8733

Fax. 626-293-8308

Email. info@cscla.org

Community Health Center Monterey Park Dental Clinic

850 S. Atlantic Blvd,

Suite 303,

Monterey Park, CA 91754

Phone. 626-773-3385

Fax. 626-773-3387

Email. info@cscla.org

Community Health Center Chinatown Main Office (MEDICAL, Dental, Behavioral)

767 N. Hill Street,

Suite 200,

Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone. 213-808-1792

Fax. 213-680-9427

Email. info@cscla.org

Community Health Center San Gabriel Valley Medical Clinic

320 S. Garfield Ave,

Suite 118,

Alhambra, CA 91801

Phone. 626-773-3388

Fax. 626-773-3389

Email. info@cscla.org

Community Health Center San Gabriel Valley Dental Clinic

320 S. Garfield Ave,

Suite 126,

Alhambra, CA 91801

Phone. 626-678-9788

Fax. 626-678-9786

Email. info@cscla.org

Community Health Center San Gabriel Valley Behavioral Health Division

320 S. Garfield Ave,

Suite 202,

Alhambra, CA 91801

Phone. 213-808-1720

Fax. 626-988-5157

Email. info@cscla.org