Healthy Eating Workshop provides a nutrition education course to Asian in age 55 or older. The lesson teaches the seniors prevent long-term illnesses and tips for better heart health.

Participants will receive a six-hours nutrition on healthy eating, heart health and read nutrition labels.

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Senior Services offer the elderly and family caregivers an in-depth, integrated, holistic and multi-sectoral case management assistance. Senior Service staffs are cross-trained on all agency programs and services, community resources, government benefits and most importantly, knowledge of the aging process. The goal of this project is to enable the seniors to obtain services to promote and maintain their ability to live independently in their communities and delay institutionalization. Caregivers will be able to receive support from their peers and respite to relieve them from their day-to-day caregiving responsibilities.

The ESCAPA (Elderly Services Consortium for Asian Pacific Americans) program is compose of 2 major services; the Supportive Services Program (SSP) and Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP). SSP offers intensive in-home case management to elder 60 and over. It provides in-home case management, respite to assist with housekeeping & personal care duties and registry for caregiver referral. The FCSP offers in-home case management, support group, training, respite, and registry services to assist family caregivers who are overwhelmed with their caregiving tasks. We also offer specific mental health in-home case management service to Chinese senior 55 and over.


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